Snohomish County's Most Trusted Apple & Mac Repair Services

Olson-Tech is the definitive choice when it comes to service, repair, and support for all your apple devices including Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, Time Capsules and almost anything else with a shiny fruit logo.

Independent & Locally Owned

We offer independent Apple computer repair services. This makes us an excellent choice for many common Mac repairs like screen replacements, damage from liquid spills, hard drive data recovery issues and more. We are often faster and more cost effective than other Mac repair options. Our technicians also provide support for Windows and other third party software applications, for Mac users running Windows in boot camp or with a virtual machines. This includes mixed OS support, professional data recovery services, etc; which Apple Stores or most Mac Repair shops don’t provide.

Mac & Apple Specialists

Our technicians have  years of experience in working with Apple hardware and software issues. At Olson-Tech we set the bar high on the level of expertise and skill, and are able to perform repair and support services that can be a challenge to address at other firms. Other computer shops, including most Apple authorized service providers (AASPs), often don’t he same real-world experience and expertise that we require from our technicians. For example we require excellence in data recovery, other non Mac operating systems, software, networking, and third party applications from all our staff.

Expect a Quick Turnaround Time

We offer express service options, and many repairs can be completed faster and for  less money than competing stores and Apple authorized service providers (AASPs). With more skill and expertise than the independent shops or other authorized service providers, you can feel confident in receiving quality repairs with rapid turnaround times. No appointment is ever needed; visit us when it is convenient for your schedule. Enjoy no lines or crowds and a unique customer focused, service only experience.

We Support Windows on Macs

We’ve helped thousands of people running Windows on their Macs. Whether you’re running, Boot Camp, Parallels, VMware or other configurations, we can help with all the problems that come with Windows; including internet security, and malicious software repairs, Windows repair and reinstallation, training and tutoring, data recovery, management, conversions and migrations and more.

The Best Place to Get Mac Upgrades

Looking to upgrade your mac? At Olson-Tech we stock a large variety of upgrade parts, and have the skills and experience to give you the best possible value for your upgrade investment. With us, there is usually no need to wait for delivery or pay expedited shipping fees. Other mac upgrade options are few and far between, as Apple does not offer upgrades after purchase, or sell any parts at retail. Many independent shops and stores lack expertise or keep limited to no parts on hand. Avoid paying high prices at some repair shop, or struggling through online with do-it-yourself guides.

Our Most Popular Mac Upgrades
RAM / Memory Upgrades

Most 3+ year old Macs shipped with 1GB to 4GB of RAM, and late model Macs ship with 4GB – 8GB. Almost all models can at the very least support double the originally shipped RAM, and many can support as much as 16GB. Bring your Mac in today to find out what your system supports.

Hard Drives (HDD) Upgrades

Traditional mechanical hard drives capacity for Macs can start as low as 80GB, but can be upgraded to 120GB, 160GB, 250GB, 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB and even as much as 3TB or 4TB. Maximum drive size is model specific, so bring your mac by to learn more about your upgrade options.

Solid State Drives (SSD) Upgrades

One of the most popular upgrades, SSD can improve the performance and boot speed of most Macs by as much as 92%. SSD’s also require a fraction of the power of traditional hard drives, so you’ll notice a significant boost to battery life with an SSD upgrade.

Multi-Drive Combos (HDD + SSD)

We can remove your CD/DVD drive and replace it with a secondary hard drive or solid state drive by utilizing the space within the optical drive bay. This provides all the benefits of SSD drives with the large capacity of a standard HDD, giving you the best of both worlds.

Operating System (OSX) Upgrades

We can help update your Mac operating system to a newer version, allowing you to use new apps and devices, not to mention all the new features of the new operating system. This allows you to take advantage of new features such as voice dictation, automatic data syncing with other Apple devices, improved speed, better security and more.

Progressive Tech Vs. "The Competition"

We know you have choices when it comes to service or repair for your Apple devices. That's why we've provide an unprecedented level of service, offered in our calm, stress free environment. Here's a quick breakdown some key factors which set us apart from some of the other Mac repair firms here in Seattle.

Vs. Apple Store

What You Get

Getting help from the Apple store involves making an appointment, driving down to a busy mall, struggling to find parking, and wading through crowds of people. During your appointment, usually limited to 15 minutes, your designated genius will do their best to offer solutions to the issue(s) at hand.

Not All Diagnostics Are Equal

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely and accurately test a system in a 15 minute timeframe. As a result, diagnostics from Apple directly, are often “guestimates” based on most likely causes, and are certainly not full and comprehensive testing and research of all hardware and software. Furthermore, Apple corporate stores do not perform root level hardware or software repairs, they only completely replace components or reinstall software applications.

They Will Not Recover Your Data

It’s important to note that Apples corporate policy is to provide no data recovery services whatsoever, often causing clients to lose data needlessly. Often, data recovery may well have been possible, and even fairly simple, but are not attempted.

Pricing & Timing

Apple’s flat rate pricing structure for repairs are rigid and often more expensive versus repairs at our shop. Many complex repairs are not performed in the store, and are often mailed away to Apple’s nationwide repair depot, delaying the completion date in order to ship the project both ways, adding at least 2 days to your repair time.

Why choose Olson-Tech instead?

We also perform all our services right here in Snohomish County, and never mail repairs out of state, giving you the best and fastest possible turnaround time for your repair.

Vs. Mac Store

What You Get

The Mac Store is a northwest based retail and service business with locations across Washington and Oregon. They focus mostly on retail sales of Apple products and related accessories and offer a large selection of accessories such as cases, adapters, bags, external hard drives and other accessories.

The Mac Store is Not The Apple Store

Not to be confused with the official Apple corporate stores, the Mac Store is what’s known as an “Authorized Apple Service Provider” or AASP and as such, are bound by all the rules rules and regulations of Apple Inc. What this means to you is that quotes from a Mac Store and an Apple Store are going to be the same most of the time.

They May Not Recover Your Data

It’s important to note that the Mac store does not focus on data recovery as a top priority, often causing clients to lose data needlessly. Often, data recovery may well have been possible, and even fairly simple, but data recovery may not be attempted.

They Do Not Work With Windows

Need help working with Boot Camp, Parallels, or VMware running Windows on your mac? The Mac Store can offer no assistance with any virtual machines, Windows operating system issues or any Windows applications.

Why choose Olson-Tech instead?

Avoid the stress and hassle that an overcrowded Mac Store offers and try our no sales approach. By not selling computers and accessories, we are free to focus on what we do best, helping you get through technical problems. Our stress free personal approach has made us the top choice for Apple repair and support services in Snohomish County. Many repairs can be handled faster and cheaper, through our full and accurate diagnostics, our focus on data recovery, and the personal attention we provide each and every client.

Our Most Popular Mac Repair Services

We are the #1 choice in the Puget Sound area for fast, quality Mac repairs and support for all of Apple's various devices and software. Some of the most common types of repair we offer include:

Data Recovery

We provide complete data recovery services for all storage media including hard drives, RAID’s, removable media, and external USB / FireWire drives.

Performance Issues

We take the time to properly isolate the root cause of system slowness, kernel panics, slow boot times, etc. This is crucial to making sure you clients get the most bang for the buck when it comes to any repairs.

Screen Repairs

We can often repair broken laptop displays faster and cheaper than Apple’s one-price-fits all repair strategy.

Liquid Spill Repairs

We’ll take the time to disassemble your machine, thoroughly cleaning and repairing along the way.

Physical Damage Repairs

We can help make your Mac look and feel like new, even after damage from drops, bumps or other accidents.

Hardware Repair & Support

Repair and support service for all Apple products from Retina Macs to G5 iMacs.

MacBook Pro
Mac Pro

Software Support

While the Macs are a more stable, reliable operating system compared to Windows, many common problems with software can still give users a serious headache. Skip the medicine cabinet and call us for help with:

Mac Mail, Address Book and iCal Support
Mac OS X installation, migration, and repairs
Mac-to-Mac and PC-to Mac Transitions
iCould Syncing and Support
iTunes and iPod Support

Onsite Tech Support Services

Olson-Tech will come to you! We’ll come right to your home or office to work on your Apple equipment, whether you have one computer or 100. We also work on mixed Mac/Windows networks.

Network Planning, Setup and Maintenance
Security, Backups & Data Protection
Printer & Scanner Networking and Sharing
VPN & Remote Network Access

Personal Training, Instruction & Support

Basic to advanced instruction for all Mac Operating Systems, applications, Internet use, data back-up and file management. Learn how to run Windows or Linux on a Mac.

Using Mac OSX
Using Apple iOS
Using Microsoft Office Apps
Using Apple iLife & iWork Apps
Using Mac Mail, iCal, & Address Book
Managing Time Machine Backups
Using Airport / WiFi and Bluetooth