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Olson-Tech has the expertise and experience to accurately diagnose your unique data recovery situation and provide the best possible path to a complete recuperation of your files. We take pride in recovering data for our clients and for our ability to relieve the stress, panic and anxiety associated with data loss.

Safe, Trusted, and Cost Effective Services

Olson-Tech you’ll always get the best possible pricing for your data loss scenario. We will honestly evaluate your unique data recovery situation and fully inform you of all available options and associated pricing. Our highly trained staff is able to perform data recovery from storage devices that have experienced everything from file corruption, viral damage, file deletion, user error, and even the early stages of mechanical failure.

Blue screens of death, inaccessible boot devices, corrupt or missing files, kernel panics, or a flashing question mark doesn’t always mean your hard drive is failing. It may actually be simple to perform data recovery, as aside from drive failure, viruses, tojans, spyware, software bugs and file system corruption can all render a computer inoperable, while the hard drive may still be completely healthy.

Frequently Asked Data Recovery Questions

We assist clients every single day with personal and business critical data recovery. We pride ourselves on our ability to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with data loss. Here are some common questions regarding data recovery service.

“I can’t start my computer or access my data, what should I do?”

Stop immediately! Don’t continue to try to use the computer. If your machine has a failing hard drive or malware infection, continued use will make the condition worse and limit our ability to recover your data or fix your computer. At the first sign of trouble, bring your computer into our shop for a diagnosis.

WARNING! When hard drive failure occurs, the first chance at data recovery is always the most successful and affordable. For the best chance of a full recovery at a reasonable price, we strongly recommend refraining from attempting to continually reboot the machine, or running any disk utilities or recovery tools. More often than not this will exacerbate the failure and hinder our changes to save the data.

“Will you be able to recover my files?”

There are many types of hard drive failures with varying severity, but most of the time, recovery is possible, even under extreme cases. The question is more often than not, can the data be retrieved at a price that makes sense? Olson-Tech has a proven track record of successful data recovery, and has earned the trust of tens of thousands of satisfied clients. Hard drives operate on the same principles as classic record players, using a spinning disk to hold data and reader arm (or digital needle) to read it. The key to avoiding data loss is to make regular backups of your data, and to have your computer serviced by Olson-Tech or other reputable computer repair company. Rest assured that Olson-Tech will do everything possible to recover your important files.

“Can you save the programs that were installed on my computer? ”

This is platform specific. For Windows based data recoveries, we are not able to save functional copies of software applications; we are only able to save files and data created by those programs. For Mac, sometimes it may be possible to save some applications in certain situations. Software applications are integrated into the operating system when first installed, and when a hard drive fails or an operating system reinstallation is necessary, all programs will be lost and will have to be reinstalled, either from disc or by downloading the application(s) from the Internet.

“Why did my hard drive fail?”

Like any mechanical device, all hard drives will eventually fail. Hard drives are extremely delicate and typically last between 3 and 5 years. Drives can fail at any time when damaged by moisture, heat or shock. You should always back up your data with the knowledge that your hard drive can fail at any time and without warning.

“Why is data recovery often expensive?”

The fact is, data recovery is not just software by any means. It is a specialized micro-mechanical and electronic trouble-shooting process that requires a great deal of experience and resources. Hard drives are the primary data storage device used in laptops and desktops today. Hard drives are essentially high tech magnetic record players. Data is stored on the surface of a metal platter, which spins at extremely high speeds as a mechanical arm moves around the surface of the disk to read and write data. The most common data recovery situations are caused by hard drive mechanical failures. Over time wear and tear builds up and eventually causes all hard drives to fail. The most common failures are caused by damage to the surface of the disk, failure of the ball bearings that spin the disk, and failure of reader arm, which reads and writes data to the disk. When this happens, successful data recovery requires the drive to be opened in order to repair, replace or bypass the failed mechanical components. Some drives are not recoverable because they have been powered on for hours in a failed state or taken apart  outside of a clean room.

Failing hard drives, when diagnosed soon enough and treated appropriately, can be recovered without the need for a clean room. The best option is to bring your hard drive or computer directly to Progressive Tech for a diagnosis to determine your best course of action. Please contact us for more information.

“What about hard drive repair options?”

While it is possible to repair a hard drive, it is generally cheaper to replace a drive rather than to repair it. Hard drives can only be repaired in special clean rooms, and the process wipes any data from the drive. For this reason, data recovery is always attempted first, and once the data has been saved, then the drive can safely be sent in for repair or replacement.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Recovery Company

There are literally hundreds of companies on the Internet offering data recovery services. The cost of recovery can often be thousands of dollars, creating a shady and lucrative data recovery underground. How do you know you are dealing with a reputable company you can trust to recover your data for a fair price? Here are some tips when researching a data recovery firm.

Check the company out first

Be sure to call the company on the phone first. Be cautious of companies with generic looking websites. A legitimate company should have some photos of their operation. Ask to visit their location to see the operation, if they are defensive, be wary. Data recovery businesses located in large, shared corporate offices with suite numbers often are just acting as middlemen. These companies do little or no on site work, and will ship your drive secretly out of state to their lab one of their partners.

Reputation and reviews

A real data recovery company should have a solid reputation. Google the name of the company and look for independent reviews. Look for real testimonials that are impossible to fake. Legitimate reviews should tell a personal story and contain specific details of the entire experience.

Pricing and promises

Due to the vast array of data loss scenarios, up front flat pricing quotes are usually something to be cautious of. Many recovery situations do not require cleanroom service, which may cost several thousand dollars. Be cautious of any company offering a flat rate without physically evaluating your unique situation.

We Offer Our Expert Services for All Operating Systems and Storage Media Devices

There are many types of data loss and an even greater variety of data storage devices, including hard drives, solid state drives, digital camera memory cards, hard drive based camcorders, USB removable media (also know as thumb, jump, and pin drives), multiple disk drive and / MP3 players. We recover data from every type of device, format and storage medium, even Apple computers and devices such as Macs, iPhones and iPads.

Data Loss Scenarios

Logical hard drive failure.
Mechanical hard drive failure.
Portable storage media failure.
Operating system failure.
Virus or malware infection.
Accidental data deletion.
Corrupt or damaged files.
Theft, fire or flood.

Operating Systems Supported

Apple Mac

Computer Types Supported


Storage Mediums Supported

RAID Arrays
SD Card
USB Storage Drives
CD’s & DVD’s

File Systems Supported:

HFS, HFS+, OSX Journaled